Fast u32 hashing filter generator

Download prefixtree.c Description A small C program that generates very fast u32 hashing filters given a random set of prefixes and destination class ids as input. The resulting filters can be appended to a file containing the htb class definitions to create a complete tc input file. The program generates a tree of u32 hash [...]

Traffic classification using BGP (a quagga+realms approach)

Realms patch – Quagga 0.98.6 Stable: quagga-0.98.6-realms.diff Development: quagga-0.99.5-realms.diff Updated versions (>0.99.5) – This patch enables Linux route realms support in quagga 0.98.6 I started with Arcady Stepanov’s patch for zebra 0.93b, adapted it to quagga 0.98.4 interface and added some useful features. The following commands are supported: Route-map bgpd(config-route-map)# set realm <1-255> [...]